HUMS students learnign to bake and sharing their baked goods with the Mad River Valley Senior Center.

Students at Harwood Union Middle School “Baked for Good” on November 21 and 22.  Working with the outreach program for students through King Arthur Flour, students learned how to bake yeasted rolls from scratch, and shared the baked goods with the Mad River Valley Senior Center for their community Thanksgiving luncheon. Students coordinated with chef Claudia Watts to donate about 160 rolls to the senior center. 

Following the recipe from King Arthur Flour, students used the donated flour and yeast to mix batches of dough in their morning Developing Sustainable Habits class with teacher Heidi Turgeon-Baird. After the dough had the proper amount of time to rise, students worked through their math and science classes with teachers Andrea Knepper and Angela Selvaggio to shape rolls, let the dough rise a second time, and then bake the rolls in the cafeteria ovens. 

In addition to having a little fun, this act of service accomplished the three goals of the program: Learn, Bake and Share, explained spokesperson Angela Selvaggio.