The new inductees to Harwood Union’s chapter of the National Honor Society pose for a photo with Superintendent Dr. Mike Leichliter.

Harwood Union High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) held its annual induction ceremony Sunday, November 20, in the Harwood auditorium. The nominees, all of whom are involved members in their communities, were selected based on the high levels of scholarship, service, leadership, and character they demonstrate both in and out of school. Current members took over the stage and welcomed their peers into the honor society.


The ceremony was opened by chapter co-presidents Charlie Flint and Ciera Fiaschetti, and then four returning members, Ella Dice, Addey Lilley, Michelina Merriman, and Ciera Fiaschetti spoke on the core values of NHS. This was followed by a rendition of the Beatles’ “Let it Be” by Adam Porterfield and Jeswin Antony. After the new inductees were officially welcomed into the honor society, Harwood Union Unified School District superintendent, Dr. Mike Leichliter, ended the evening with words of encouragement.

The newly inducted members are:

Molly Caffry, Maeven Cattanach, Lewis Clapp, Rowan Clough, Kathryn Cox, Gabriel Frankel, Damien Garcia, Maya Hynes, Tessa Jernigan, Astrid Kahn, Hazel Lillis, Kaileigh McGrath, Cierra McKay, Nicolas Moran, Mae Murphy, Naomi Myers, Garrett Nelson, Kelsey O'Brien, Tina Pan, Ruby Schmalz, Jordan Shullenberger, Elizabeth Spina, Lucy Sullivan, and Tim Wilson.