Harwood graduates marching out to graduation. Photo: Jeff Knight

Harwood awards scholarships





Dascomb P. Rowe ScholarshipL Given by the Waterbury High School Alumni Association, this scholarship is a memorial to Dascomb Rowe, a principal, teacher, coach and counselor at Waterbury High School for 40 years who encouraged students to reach their full potential both academically and in the community.  

Recipients: Crow Fitzpatrick, Hazel Lillis, Tina Pan, and Kate Wilkesman.

Merry Rowe Hermans Scholarship: From the Waterbury High School Alumni Association in memory of Merry Rowe, Dascomb Rowe’s daughter. Her legacy, including being a member of the 1954 state basketball championship team and valedictorian of Waterbury High School can inspire today’s youth. 

Recipients: Dylan Mauro and Julia Thurston.

Eunice B. Farr Award: Born in Warren and widowed in 1940, Eunice Farr used her talents to raise her family and run a telephone company. She was one of the first women to run a utility in the United States. With pride and best wishes for the future, Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom present this award in memory of Eunice B. Farr.

Recipient: Melanie Snell.

Gov. Phil Hoff Vermont Honors Scholarship: Created by the Vermont State Legislature and Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, this goes to one student in recognition of their scholastic excellence.  

Recipient: Tina Pan.

Harry N. Cutting Award: Waterbury American Legion Post #59 recognizes a Harwood senior for their outstanding citizenship and academic achievement.

Recipient: Kelsey O’Brien and Kate Wilkesman.

Lise Bornstein-Malter Community Service Award: This is presented to a Harwood graduating senior who demonstrates high commitment to service in the greater Waterbury area.

Recipient: Tina Pan.

Waterbury Rotary Club Awards: The Waterbury Rotary Club presents three Macbook Air Awards to graduating seniors instead of a financial scholarship. Recipients must be enrolled in a college, university or technical school for the 2024-25 academic year.

Recipients: Carmen Lafayette, Jack Myers and Julia Thurston.

Mountain Gardener’s Scholarship: Presented on behalf of the Valley Garden Club in honor of Rena Chernick, this award goes to a senior pursuing environmental-related studies after high school.

Recipient: Hadley Andersen.

Rebecca Peatman Scholarship: Presented by the Warren United Community Church, this is awarded to a student whose involvement in service has resulted in positive outcomes for their community. 

Recipient: Mae Murphy.

Waitsfield High School Alumni Scholarship: Waitsfield High School Alumni selects one deserving senior to receive their annual scholarship. Though this student received their award at a banquet in May, we want to recognize their achievement tonight as well. 

Recipient: Mae Murphy.

Winooski Masonic Lodge #49 Scholarship:This recognizes students from Waterbury or Duxbury who show a desire to further their education in the service of their community.

Recipients: Wesley Power and Kate Wilkesman.

Alice Angney Scholarship: The Vermont Superintendents Association awards the Dr. Alice Angney Scholarship for Leadership and Service to a Vermont high school senior on the basis of the student's leadership, service to their community, academic achievement, and initiative in overcoming a specific challenge. The scholarship commemorates and honors Dr. Angney's exemplary service and commitment to Vermont public education and the students it serves. This year’s winner was selected from a pool of 80 applicants statewide.

Recipient: Mae Murphy.

Alchemist Opportunity Fund Scholarships: The Alchemist Opportunity Fund Scholarships and the READYAF Awards are designed for the students who aren’t sure what their field of study will be – who might be late bloomers – or who are quiet leaders and lifelong learners, interested in furthering their education.  

Recipients: Victor Fowler, Tina Pan, Yin Myat Tharaphi and Tony Viola.

Harwood Booster Club Scholarships: These are awarded to students who demonstrate a desire to further their education and support their community as they move beyond high school.

Recipients: Tina Pan, Mae Murphy and Hazel Lillis.

Mad River Valley Rotary 

Seniors from Moretown, Fayston, Waitsfield, Warren or Granville who have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or higher are chosen for these awards. One student receives an award for each year of their college attendance -- up to four years. Two students are chosen to receive a generous one-time award.

Recipients: Crow Fitzpatrick, four-year award; Lucy Sullivan, one-time award.


National School Choral Award: This is the highest honor for high school choral performers and recognizes outstanding accomplishments in singing while demonstrating advanced musicianship and dedication to the school music program. 

Recipient: Annie McMillion.

John Philip Sousa Music Award: This honors the top graduating student in the high school band and recognizes superior musicianship, outstanding dedication and achievement in music. 

Recipient: Mia Mosle.

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: This honor goes to the top graduating student in the Jazz Band and Assembly Band program recognizing excellent musicianship, dedication to the program, and high artistic achievement.

Recipient: Josh McHugh.

Quincy Jones Musicianship Award: This honors outstanding students for their creativity and musicianship. In his long musical career, Quincy Jones has done it all as a composer, arranger, performer, producer, and teacher. Every music program has those students who share this boundless energy and musical versatility. With his approval, we initiate this award to encourage students in their pursuit of music. 

Recipient: Dylan Mauro.


Harwood Scholar-Athlete Award: Recognizing outstanding scholastic and athletic achievement, these awards are presented to seniors who have attained an accumulative average of 3.0 over their four years at Harwood and have a minimum of four varsity letters in at least two sports. 

Recipients: Tobey Bellows and Hazel Lillis.

Robert F. Fielder Athletic Memorial Award

Given in memory of Robert F. Fielder, this honor is chosen by the coaching staff and awarded to the seniors who in addition to being outstanding athletes, have demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship throughout their years of athletic competition at Harwood. Eligible students must have completed at least two years in the Harwood Athletic Program.

Recipients: Tobey Bellows and Elizabeth Spina.

Harwood Outstanding Sportsmanship Award: This honors the seniors who in the estimation of their coaches have exemplified the highest ideals of sportsmanship in varsity competition.

Recipients: Quinn Smith and Quinn Nelson.

Harwood Unsung Hero Award: Coaches select student-athletes who have made an outstanding contribution to the Harwood Athletics program.  

Recipients: Trent Jordan and Rowan Clough.

Spirit Of Harwood Award: This honor goes to a senior who shows unwavering spirit for the Harwood community. The student selected to receive this award is recognized for bringing unflagging support, unbridled joy, and contagious school spirit to all of our Highlander teams and athletes.

Recipient: Will Burks.

Concept 2 Scholarship

This honors two students who have shown academic excellence and have participated in sports during their school career.

Recipients: Lucy Sullivan and Mae Murphy.


The following scholarships are awarded by the Harwood community to students nominated and selected by their teachers.  

Allen Tinker Memorial Scholarship: In honor of bus driver Allen Tinker, this award goes to a senior who has demonstrated a love of science, has a special interest in the outdoors, and who plans on attending college.

Recipient: Tim Wilson.

Florilla Ames Scholarship

This award is given in honor of longtime Waterbury resident Florilla Ames, who died in 2021 at age 110 and was Vermont’s oldest resident. She was a lifelong learner and activist. This scholarship is given to a student who has shown a commitment to civic engagement and education.

Recipient: Janelle Hoskins.

Parker Creativity Award

Given in memory of former Harwood Union High School staff member Marianne Parker, this honor goes to a senior who has exhibited exceptional creativity, talent, and effort in the areas of art and science.

Recipient: Crow Fitzpatrick.


Achievement in Social Studies and History Awards: Teachers in the Social Studies Department present this award to a student who has shown excellence in this field of academics during their time at Harwood. 

Recipient: Libby Spina.

Math Excellence Awards: An excellent mathematician has the ability to make connections, reason logically, and use the tools in their arsenal to solve problems. They also have a drive for understanding why things work and for stretching their mathematical thinking. This award honors students who have achieved high course scores and who show a willingness to share their knowledge with others.

Recipients: Piper Floyd, Hazel Lillis, Dylan Mauro, Tina Pan, Melanie Snell, Lucy Sullivan and Tim Wilson.

Math Perseverance Awards: This award honors the work and dedication it takes to become a great mathematician. With this award, we want to recognize students who have shown tremendous growth and promise in the field of mathematics.

Recipient: Mae Murphy.

Outstanding Achievement in Internship Awards: These awards go to seniors who have creatively met their learning goals and in doing so have vastly improved our school community and workplace settings: Janelle Hoskins for her Equity Internship, Mae Murphy for her Mental Health Internship, and Alayna Rutledge for her Early Education Internship. 

Excellence in Digital Art and Photography Award: This award celebrates outstanding innovation and creativity in digital media, recognizing a student who pushes the boundaries of visual expression through their exceptional use of digital tools and techniques.

Recipient: Bode O’Connell.

Harwood Photography Hall of Fame: This award is presented to a student who has consistently demonstrated thoughtfulness, quality, originality, and excellence in photography throughout their time at Harwood. Through their lens they have captured beautifully the essence of our community, setting a new benchmark in artistic excellence that will inspire and resonate for generations to come. 

Recipient: Poppy Woods.

Excellence in Science Awards: This award recognizes students who demonstrate a high level of scientific reasoning and problem-solving skills and are persistent in their quest to know and understand science.

Recipients: Sadie McKibben, Jack Myers, Tina Pan and Tim Wilson.