Ali Nullmeyer racing for Team Canada at the World Youth Olympic Games.

Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS) wrapped up another racing season last month with alpine and Nordic success at the international, national, regional and state levels. GMVS demonstrated depth of talent in all age groups.


  • World Youth Olympic Games, Norway

Ali Nullmeyer (Team Canada) - Silver medal in slalom, fifth in giant slalom, seventh in super-G.

  • Junior World Championships, Russia

Ali Nullmeyer (Canada), Francisco Allendes (Chile).

Ali Nullmeyer - 10th in slalom.

  • Hahnenkamm Juniors, Austria

Ben Ritchie, fourth in giant slalom.

  • Seven Nations Cup, France

Ben Ritchie, seventh in slalom.

  • Longines Future Ski Champions, Switzerland

Ben Ritchie, silver medal in giant slalom.

  • U14 CanAms, United States

Gavin Dewey, Sydney Julius, Nevin Villandrie, Ariana Welter.

Ariana Welter - sixth in giant slalom.


  • One racer named to Canadian Alpine Team - Ali Nullmeyer.

  • One racer invited to try out for the U.S. Ski Team’s FIS National Training Group - Jimmy Krupka.

  • Two racers named to the U.S. Ski Team FIS National Training Group Team - Ben Ritchie and Hannah Utter.

  • Eight racers competed at U.S. Alpine Championships - Pate Campbell, Ellie Curtis, David Frisk, Kara Gailiunas, Jimmy Krupka, Logan Slattery, Hannah Utter, Katie Utter.

  • One racer competed at Canadian National Alpine Championships -

Ali Nullmeyer - second in Alpine Combined.

  • Nine racers qualified for U19 National Junior Alpine Championships - Pate Campbell, Elise Chauvel, Ellie Curtis, Maddie Davis, Jack Despres, Jimmy Krupka, Logan Slattery, Hannah Utter, Katie Utter.

Logan Slattery- second in downhill.

  • Six racers competed at U18 Canadian National Alpine Championships - Chris Jones, Frederique LeRoux, Declan McCormack, Jordan Phillips, Julia Stock, Katie Orr.

  • Thirteen racers qualified for U16 National Junior Alpine Championships - Aedan Chiari, Dan Gillis, Jackson Jewell, Charlie Lang, Nadine Levey, Max Martin, Samantha McClellan, Trevor McGlaflin, Johann Meyer, Isabelle Nolan, Ben Ritchie, Hayden Van Alstine, Avery Vilandrie.

Ben Ritchie – second overall, first in slalom, second in giant slalom, second in super-G.

  • Three racers qualified for the Nordic Junior National Championships - Walker Bean, Forrest Hamilton and Elliot Ketchel.


  • More than half the Vermont team at U16 Eastern Alpine Championships was from GMVS (total of 28 racers) - Carla Barata, Maggie Beardsley, Aedan Chiari, Lindsey Crowell, Reilly Curtis, Allie Davis, Anna Duffy, Rob Gillis, Jackson Jewell, Cat Krupka, Charlie Lang, Nadine Levey, Max Martin, Syd Mason, Max Martin, Sam McClellan, Maggie McCutcheon, Trevor McGlaflin, Johann Meyer, Isabelle Nolan, Elese Sommer, Lydia Riddell, Zach Roman, Casey Segal, Ariana Turner, Kitt Urdang, Hayden Van Alstine, Avery Vilandrie.

Samantha McClellan - second in slalom 1, third in slalom 2, first in giant slalom 1, third in giant slalom 2.

Nadine Levey - second in slalom 2.

Trevor McGlaflin - first in slalom 1.

Johann Meyer - first in slalom 2, second in giant slalom 2.

  • Ten racers at U14 Eastern Alpine Championships - Emma Austin, Gavin Dewey, Carly Elsinger, Dan Gillis, Sydney Julius, Georgia Sege, Ariana Welter, Nevin Vilandrie, Olivia Zubarik.

  • Elliot Ketchel and Walker Bean working together at the NENSA Eastern Cup race.
    Elliot Ketchel and Walker Bean working together at the NENSA Eastern Cup race.
  • Three racers qualified for Eastern High School Nordic Championships and contributed to Team Vermont’s victory - Forrest Hamilton, Elliot Ketchel, Walker Bean.

Forest Hamilton – first overall.

Elliot Ketchel - second in 5K skate .

  • Two racers qualified for Eastern U16 Championships - TK Despres and Tanner Ketchel.


Isabelle Nolan - 2016 VARA overall third place and super-G champion.

Max Martin - 2016 VARA overall state champion and giant slalom champion.