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Harwood Union athletes took ninth place on Saturday, June 2, in competition for the Division II title for the 2018 season at South Burlington High School. Boys’ track and field placements: 1. U-32, 142; 2. Milton, 95; 3. Burr and Burton, 68; 4. Lyndon, 40; 5. Hartford, 39; 6. Missisquoi, 36; 7. Middlebury, 31; 8. Mt. Abraham, 30; 9. Harwood, 27; 10. Peoples, 25; 11. Rice, 13; 12. Montpelier, 7; 13. Spaulding, 2; 14. Fair Haven, 1.

In the men’s track and field 100-meter, senior Seth Beard came in third place with an 11:82 time. In the 200-meter, Beard placed second with a 24:75 time followed by sophomore Ansen Smith with 25:92. In the 400-meter, freshman Jasper Koliba placed eighth with a 55.52 time and finished ninth in the 800-meter with a 2:10:75 time.

In the 1500-meter, Koliba placed sixth with a time of 4:17:56, a personal record. Behind him was senior Daniel Bevacqui, who placed ninth with a time of 4:29:56.

In the 3000-meter, Bevacqui placed fifth with a time of 9:41:74 and junior Brendan Magill finished seventh with a time of 9:53:46.

In the 110-meter hurdles, senior Jonas Merchant finished sixth with a time of 18:34.

In the 4x100 relay Harwood’s team of Seth Beard, Riley Herbert, Jonas Merchant and Anson Smith placed fourth with a time of 46:68. In the 4x400 relay the Highlanders’ relay team of Jasper Koliba, Brendan Magill, Riley Herbert and Seth Beard placed seventh with a time of 3:55:56.

In the 4x800 relay, the Harwood team of Bevacqui, Acme Wasi, Winter Haberle and Brendan Magill finished fifth with a 9:16:28 time.

The javelin 800g had junior Cyrus Pearl placing fourth with a distance of 146 feet. The high jump had Jonas Merchant finishing in the No. 2 spot with a 5-10 personal record. The long jump event had a 10th-place finish with Anson Smith achieving 17-05.00.


In the 100-meter, sophomore Anna Jamieson finished in fourth place. In the 200-meter, Jamieson placed ninth. Erin Magill placed sixth in the 800-meter race. In the 1500-meter, Harwood had two top-10 finishes – Magill in third and sophomore Julianne Young in seventh.

In the 3000-meter, Magill came in third with Young following behind for a sixth-place finish. Hadley Kielich placed 14th in 300-meter hurdles.

In the 4x100 relay, the girls’ team of Katie Rush, Zuzu Thamm, Hadley Kielich and Anna Jamieson placed eighth in the 4x100 relay. In the 4x400 relay, Rush, Thamm, Magill and Jamieson placed sixth. Willa Yonkman, Katie Ferguson, Julianne Young and Zuzu Thamm placed fifth in the 4x800 relay.

The long jump event had freshman Hadley Kielich placing 18th overall. Thamm and Jamieson placed 12th in the triple jump.