Mad Marathon hosts 650 runners, 300 volunteers

While over 850 registered for the Mad Marathon, Mad Half and Relays, 650 happy runners crossed the finish line on a gorgeous Sunday in the Mad River Valley. They were supported and kept safe by 300 amazing volunteers at aid stations, road and bike marshals, Mad River Valley Ambulance Service, medical, food, award, timing teams along with crowds along the course. This year runners from Ireland, New Zealand and Colombia joined the list of 32 countries that have enjoyed a unique running experience in Vermont. The Mad Marathon has also hosted runners from all 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico.

Dylan Thayer, 28, from, Nashville, TN, was the winner of the 2019 Mad Marathon in a time of 2:48.49. Christopher Free, 33, from Virginia Beach, VA, was second with a time of 2:55:26 and Jordan Safer, 23, placed third with a time of 3:06:11.


In the women's Mad Marathon race, Rachel Cluett, 31, from Washington, DC, was first with a time of 3:16:53. Running second was Natalia Henry, 20, from Hanover, NH, with a time 3:21:44 and Lindsay Simpson, 42, of Waterbury, VT, finished third in a time of 3:30:05.

Winning the men’s division of the Mad Half with a time of 1:27:02 was William Cox, 23, from New York, NY. Aaron Gaskins, 35, also from New York, NY, ran second with a time of 1:28:29 and Brooklyn, NY, resident Thomas Anderson, 31, ran third with a time of 1:29:39.

Winning the women’s Mad Half was Beth Dollas, 42, from Amesbury, MA, with a time of 1:32:16. Waterbury, VT, resident Madaileine Kingsbury, 37, was second with a time 1:34:16 and finishing third was Susannah Ford, 31, from Boston, MA, in a time of 1:40:23.

Mad Marathon
Left to right: Women’s Mad Marathon winner Rachel Cluett, Men’s Mad Marathon winner Dylan Thayer, Men’s Mad Half winner William Cox and Women’s Mad Half winner Beth Dollas.

Barbara Graf, 60, from Leeds, MA, placed first in the Mad Half Walker’s division with a time of 2:25:59 and Hank Lopez, 58, from North Berwick, ME, was first in the men’s division with a time of 2:44:23.

Team Mugs Milers finished first in the five-person Mad Marathon relay with a time of 4:20:00 and Team Marble Allen Fox won the three-person relay in a time of 3:12:32. Team Snowy won the Mad Half two-person relay with a time of 1:27:30.

Top Vermont runners in the Mad Marathon were Lindsay Simpson, 42, from Waterbury who ran 3:30:05, and Jeffrey, Jodoin, 50, from Milton with a time of 3:20:23.

Top Vermont runners in the Mad Half were Madaileine Kingsbury, 37, from Waterbury with a time of 1:34:16 and Waitsfield resident Ryan Riegler, 30, with a time of 1:40:01.

The Mad Marathon, Mad Half and Relays are set to run again July 12, 2020.