On Wednesday, March 24, the Harwood boys’ varsity hockey team lost 5-3 to Brattleboro in the finals. Harwood headed into the championship game without one of its strongest players, Skylar Platt, who could not play in the game due to an appendectomy.

Harwood’s Finn O’Hara scored over the right-hand shoulder of Brattleboro’s goalkeeper 12:51 minutes into the first period, unassisted. The first period ended with a score of 1-1 after a sneaky goal from Brattleboro’s Jack Pattison.

In the second period, Brattleboro’s Will Taggard got a breakaway down the ice and scored, bringing the overall score to 2-1 for the Brattleboro Colonels.

In the third period, Brattleboro scored their third goal in less than a minute. This was Taggard’s second goal, assisted by Brattleboro’s Jack Pattison, bringing the overall score to 3-1. Minutes later, Brattleboro’s Jack Pattison scored again, with an assist from Sam Hall, bringing the score to 4-1.

This is when Harwood head coach Shawn Thompson called a timeout to regroup his team. Back on the ice, O’Hara skated hard into the offensive zone and fired a shot, collecting his own rebound and firing it back for his second goal of the game, unassisted. Overall score: 4-2.

With four minutes left in the third period, Harwoods’ Jake Green carried the puck down low in the offensive zone and sunk in the third goal for Highlanders, assisted by O’Hara. The score was 4-3.
With two seconds left in the last period, the Brattleboro Colonels cleared the puck from their defensive zone and Pattison scored his third goal of the game, unassisted, bringing the final score to 5-3.