Photo by John W. F. Miller.

Jessica Haynsworth, Warren, successfully completed Green Mountain Horse Association’s 85th annual 100-Mile Ride aboard her Icelandic horse, Vigri frá Vallanesi, over Labor Day weekend. The Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) took place in South Woodstock over three days broken into 40 miles, 35 miles and 25 miles, respectively. Riders were challenged to finish within an optimum time, and horses were judged on their physical condition before, during and after the ride to determine final placings. Haynsworth and Vigri finished third in the Lightweight Division. This was their first time attempting a 100-mile ride. Haynsworth is the owner and trainer at Mad River Valley Icelandic Horses in Warren, which is also where Vigri lives and is trained. She and Vigri prepared for the 100-mile ride by riding all over Warren -- people may have seen them riding past the East Warren Community Market or along the dirt roads this summer.