The Harwood Union High School Golf Team at Orleans Country Club: Will Burks, Tobey Bellows, Garrett Nelson, Jordin Hunter, Parker Davey, Nathan Kudriavetz, and Reuben Kretz.

The Harwood Union boys’ golf team finished the regular season undefeated with a 6-0 record on Monday, October 3, at Northfield Country Club. Along with the boys, Jordin Hunter, Harwood’s star girl player scored another medalist win. She also took second place in a Division II tournament in West Bolton, VT, earlier this season. Standout player of the day was senior Boone Maher who shot his personal best to help sinch the match for the boys. The seniors were honored at the event for their commitment to the sport at the event.


Harwood Union High School has the largest golf team in the region with 28 members. “We are very fortunate to have three very supportive golf courses to practice, spreading out our large team. Coach Kevin Russell works golfers at the Sugarbush Golf Resort, coach Scott Hunter works with the kids at Blush Hill Country Club, and I have a group at Country Club of Vermont,” said head coach Brian McCarthy. All three courses generously support the Highlander team with use of the practice areas and tee times for course play throughout the week. Country Club of Vermont and Sugarbush Resort each hosted a regular match this season.

The five best scoring players throughout the season will compete in the state qualifier round on Thursday, October 8, at Neshobe Golf Club in Brandon, VT. They include Parker Davey, Reuben Kretz, Tobey Bellows, Garrett Nelson, and Nathan Kudriavetz. Upon qualifying, the team will play at the boys’ Vermont State Championship on October 13, at Orleans Country Club.

Harwood was boys’ Division II state champion in 2017 and 2018. Jordin Hunter will compete at the girls’ state championships on October 11 at Williston Country Club.