HU boys tackling the steep muddy hill at Danville meet. Chapin Rivers leading the pack, followed by Brody Hackett (in sunglasses, sandwiched by Stowe runners), Cooper Hansel and Atticus Ellis close on their heels. Photo: Robert Cummiskey

The Harwood Union boys’ and girls’ cross-country teams traveled to Danville on Thursday September 14, to participate in a five-team meet. Part of the Danville cross-country course runs on the rail trail just east of Joe’s Pond. The last mile of the course contained a steep muddy hill that in the words of assistant coach Tom Cahalan “just sucked the life out of a runner’s legs.”



Despite missing Indy Metcalf who was awarded an academic prize to attend an elite student conference in Burlington, Harwood boys placed second in the five-team meet, finishing close to Stowe High School (38) Harwood (51). The race was won by Mason Porter, Stowe, with a time of 18:14. Harwood boys placed all seven of their runners in the top 20. Stowe’s seventh runner placed 21st, but it wasn’t enough to beat their Route 100 neighbors who placed their top five runners in the top 12 spots.  Harwood boys were paced by Chris Cummiskey (5), Quinn Smith (7), Chapin Rivers (10), Brody Hackett (13), Cooper Hansel (16), Atticus Ellis (17) and Wyatt Ross (18)

“Our two newest racers, Brody and Wyatt surprised me. Cooper, Atticus and Wyatt displayed great teamwork running together almost the entire distance.” said coach John Kerrigan. All of our boys are improving rapidly,” he added.

Harwood girls had a very close finish with U-32. Harwood girls lost to the defending Division 2 champs in a tie breaker. “Similar to our boys, U-32 was missing one of their top runners. Keeping it close to such a powerful team was thrilling for our girls.” Defending Division 2 state champion Ginger Long of U-32 was the individual winner in a time of 20:18. Harwood girls were led by Heidi Haraldsen (3), Celia Wing (4), Julia Thurston (6), Hazel Lillis (10), Pippa Diller (16), Eireann McDonough (20) and Rowan Clough (21) “Our top four girls had a time spread of over a little over one minute, but it wasn’t enough to surpass the depth of the defending Vermont D 2 champs from U-32,” said Kerrigan.   

Harwood boys’ and girls’ teams travel to Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday September 23, to compete in the Manchester Invitational. The Manchester Invitational is one of the top 50 high school races in the U.S.