Girls’ varsity team all smiles at the finish line after outstanding performances that gained them a spot on the podium: (L to R) Eireann McDonough, Celia Wing, Rowan Clough, Pippa Diller, Julia Thurston, Hazel Lillis, Heidi Haraldsen. Photo: Robert Cummiskey

Harwood cross-country boys’ and girls’ teams had successful results at the Manchester (NH) Invitational on Saturday, September 23.





Harwood girls placed third out of 31 teams. Despite illness that sidelined two of their top five runners, Harwood boys finished an impressive 18th out of 37 teams.

Harwood girls were led by Celia Wing (24), Heidi Haraldsen (30), Julia Thurston (38), Hazel Lillis (60) and Pippa Diller (98) Rowan Clough (101) and Eireann McConough (141)

“Celia, Heidi, Hazel and Eireann all had personal record times. This was pretty amazing since it was a fairly hilly course,” said cross-country coach John Kerrigan. Pippa (5) and Rowan (6) were the key to attaining the podium. Our fifth and sixth runners have been three minutes behind our fourth; today they were a little over 1:00 minute behind her today and our fourth girl (Hazel Lillis) had a stellar day! 

Harwood boys were led by Christopher Cummiskey (60), Quinn Smith (88), Brody Hackett (122), Chapin Rivers (127) Cooper Hansel (132), Atticus Ellis (156) and Wyatt Ross (178).

“Our freshman Brody Hackett and senior Cooper Hansel had excellent races. Both boys had personal record times,” said Kerrigan

On Saturday, September 30, both Harwood cross-country teams will travel to Belfast, Maine, to race in the Maine Festival of Champions. There are 83 teams from Maine, Canada and southern New England states that will compete on the fast 5K course.

Julia Cisz (JV girls) and Callum Robison and Nicky Service (JV boys) had outstanding runs for the Harwood JV teams, the coach added.