A rainy start to the high school athletic season is making for some less-than-ideal mid- and late-season scheduling, but the games are getting played, according to Harwood Union athletic director Ian Fraunfelder.




Fraunfelder said that all of the early season rain didn’t result in forfeitures, but rather just requires that games get moved. 

“It doesn’t’ make for an idea season later, down the road with some games ending up back-to-back,” he said. 

One cross-country meet was completely lost due to the course being washed out, he said.  

For individual sports, like golf, quite a few games were lost due to the rain. Those events are not considered to be forfeits, rather, they are non-played games, he said.  

“Golf is jut based on the players’ scores, so non-played games means fewer scores for ranking kids. And they get less time on the course to actually practice and improve,” he said.