In Tuesday, October 24, play, No.17 Harwood girls volleyball lost 3-0 against No.16 St. Johnsbury (25-17, 25-19, 25-17). 





During the game junior libero No. 1 Emily Severance had four service points with two aces and one kill plus a few digs. 

Senior setter No. 3 Sadie McKibben had four service points with two aces, a kill, and two assists. Sophomore No. 6 Savannah Fulton had four kills, two assists and two service points. 

Sophomore No. 5 Lessa Dreimiller had three kills. Junior No. 14 Caroline Carst had three kills, three service points and two aces.  

St Johnsbury took a few point lead right away in the first set. Savannah Fulton threw down a kill that brought the energy back for Harwood. Harwood was looking like they were going to get back into it after a few point jump with Emily Severance's serving and a nice attack by Lessa Dreimiller. Harwood's eight miss serves in the first set is what provided St. Johnsbury the lead 25-17 win in the long run. Harwood was able to take an early lead in the second set once again with Emily Severance's serving and another hit by Lessa Dreimiller. More miss serves and unforced errors provided St. Johnsbury the chance to take over the lead in the end to finish 25-19. Some reactive plays by Savannah and Caroline to keep the ball in play on defense followed by a couple of kills in the third set. Sadie Mckibben was able to find the back corner on a clean-up ball which forced St. Johnsbury to create the error. After a few more miss serves, Harwood wasn't able to bounce their energy back and that along with unforced errors led to the St. Johnsbury finish 25-17. 

Harwood finishes the season 3-12.