Photo Chute community photography contest to be held
The first annual Photo Chute, a winter-themed, community photography contest will be held this winter. It is open to all ages and abilities of photographers and is a contest for the community, judged by the community, according to organizer Megan Schultz.

There will be several categories, some of which will be Landscape, Action, Humor and Viewers' Choice. Prizes will be awarded to each category winner. There will also be a Viewers' Appreciation prize awarded to one lucky voter.

The Photo Chute will accept entries February 2 to February 25, 2009. Entry forms will be available online and at participating local businesses. For more information, please contact Schultz: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 496-6466.


Frigid temperatures greeted the 51 intrepid, enthusiastic, dauntless individuals who gathered on the Legends Race Arena on Lincoln Peak for the first race of the Sugarbush Racing Club season last Thursday, January 15. The previous weeks's race had to be postponed due to high winds which prevented the operation of the Super Bravo lift. What this actually signifies is that the racers will put up with any hardship except walking uphill.

Even though the first race had to be postponed, the après-race party at Jay's
Restaurant was certainly not! The club was treated to hors d'oeuvres and raffle prizes. This week's racers were well disguised in all sorts of protective outerwear because of the exceptionally cold weather, but four of the top finishers in the women's and men's divisions actually wore thin, flashy Lycra racesuits. Some people will go to great lengths in their need for speed although some of the "suits" seemed a bit lumpy in the wrong areas with all the underlying layers.

Elizabeth Walker easily took control of the field of eight women besting both Lauri Landau and upstart Edith "silver bullet" Chang. Caryl Hurwitz and Diana Edwards engaged in a close duel for fourth and fifth, respectively.

Rick Duckworth, Stan Button and Ed Brennan, all with "suits," took first, second and third in the men's division. They were also very fast going inside to change clothes after their two runs! Steve Gross, fourth, carried on the mountain's 50th anniversary theme wearing a racing bib from the very early days of the racing club. Dave Strojny, Chris Downing and Will Waite followed closely behind.

Dave Seynour came back quite well from a season-ending injury last year and throngs applauded the much heralded return of Brooke Weston to the racing circuit. Seemingly ageless Bob Stevens acquitted himself quite well and Michael "the phoenix" Sharkey turned quite a few heads with his performance. Henri Borel proved once again that age, experience, charm and good looks will always win out!

The club was hosted by the 1824 House for its après-race party with wonderful food, and a video of the race was shown with commentary by resident Olympian Doug Lewis. Gift baskets for racers and non racers alike were raffled off as were many other prizes including a gift certificate to the 1824 House.

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