On February 7, Sugarbush will host the third annual Legends' Cup downhill race that is open to any and all skiers over the age of 17. The 55-second course is held on the same track as the King of the Mountain course that was run by Franz Klammer, Phil Mahre, Pirmin Zurbriggen and Doug Lewis in the '90s. The course is classic downhill with high-speed turns, lots of terrain and a top speed of over 70 mph.

Competitors will get a training run in the morning to learn and test the course, before going for it at 12:30 race time. As in the past there will be an intermediate and finish time, a speed gun reading, prize money and lots of giveaways, and lots and lots of safety fencing. New this year is a Start Shack, blue dye to mark the line, and a DJ at the finish.

Competitors come from all sorts of skiing backgrounds, but all love to go fast. There are Academy graduates who are still on top of their game. There are masters racers who still feel the need for speed. And there will be expert skiers who want to finally quench their thirst for pushing their limits in a safe, fun course.

The course is set with safety in mind and in the last two years there has not been an injury. There will be over 30 B-nets lining the course. The course starts out with some gliding turns over some fun terrain as the racers get up to speed. Then the racers set up for a four-gate corridor that brings them through the 90-degree "Bullwheel" turn at the top of Spring Fling. Following three rolling turns the racers enter the speedtrap and hit their highest speeds at above 70 mph. Exiting the trap they make the toughest turn on the course -- a fast, left-footer that feels like World Cup.

To register, please call 888-651-4827. For more information, go to Sugarbush.com or you can email Chief of Race Doug Lewis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..