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"It is a great honor to be chosen as a top 10 event by Velonews," said race director Gary Kessler.  2009 will be the ninth edition of the race which attracts over 900 bike racers from around the U.S. and Canada for four days of racing in Vermont's Green Mountains.  


In selecting the GMSR, Velonews said: "If you're looking for a fun way to wrap up your road season, or simply cannot get enough racing, checkout this four-day, late-season event in central Vermont.  The vibe is relaxed, but the racing is tough!"

"The GMSR has become an end of the season celebration for many racers who attend year after year," said Kessler.  "We work hard to feed into that atmosphere by making the racers feel as much like European professionals as possible.  We have podium ceremonies each day for stage winners. Overall leaders in each of the 10 categories of racing are given yellow racing jerseys to reflect their status just like that race in France.  At the Sunday stage, which finishes at the top of the Appalachian Gap, we give out chalk to the many spectators so that they can write messages of encouragement on the steep road that climbs to the finish," Kessler added. 


The 2009 GMSR will take place September 4 through 7.  The first three stages will start and finish in the Mad River Valley with the downtown Burlington Criterium being the final stage on Labor Day.  There are 10 skill and age group events for licensed racers and a one-day race open to citizens in Sunday's 75-mile two gap Mad River Road Race.  



For more information visit the event website:  WWW.GMSR.INFO.