Life is Short

By Anabelle Reisner

When I think about getting older,
Of course, there’s the obvious,
Growing taller, getting smarter,
But you don’t stop and think about what makes you grow as a person.
There comes a time in somebody’s life where something big happens,
Monumental, if you put it.
Whether it’s good or bad,
This changes your perspective on the world.
It makes you more courageous,
more responsible,
and ready to face the world and deal with no matter what is thrown at you.
Because you can say, I’ve been through this,
It was a hard time in my life,
I’m stronger, independent, and ready to live life to its fullest.
And that means that I can do anything.

My grandmother grew up with eight siblings,
Five sisters,
Three brothers.
And when I say they didn’t have much,
I’m not lying.
She slept in a twin bed with two of her sisters.
They had one car,
One bike,
One hula hoop,
One of everything.
But she made the best of that, and she turned
out to be one of the most amazing people I’ve
ever met.

My parents were 31 and 27 when 9-11 happened.
And as they say, everybody has a story,
Where they were, and what they were doing on that very day, at that very moment.
It changed both of their lives,
I’m not sure if it was for good or for bad,
But they definitely changed.
If that didn’t happen, would they have met each other?
Fell in love?
Had me and my sister?
Who knows?
But that helped form the people that they have become today.

On March 15, we got a call from our governor
telling us that schools will be closed until
April 6.
I know that kids are trying to make the best
out of this,
And I can guarantee that it is very hard on us.
I mean we can’t see our friends,
We can’t see our teachers,
No sports,
And no April break.
There is nothing remotely fun about it.

Even though times are tough,
we have to take a moment to think about what
has happened in the past.
And how our parents, grandparents and so on
have changed because of something that
happened to them.
So embrace this time of your life,
Because after all,
It’s not about what you do,
It’s about how you spend it.
Make the most of everything that happens to you.
Thank me when you’re older.

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