‘The Art Among Us’ at  WUCC Meeting House

“The Art Among Us” will be presented by the Waitsfield United Church of Christ Village Meeting House during the 2019 Vermont Festival of the Arts. The show consists of the work of 19 members of the congregation exhibiting their own creative process. The show opened August 3 and runs for three weekends, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m.

“Revealing ourselves, sharing our inner most thoughts, letting others in. For many, the art we make for ourselves is kept for ourselves. Sharing it, hanging it on a wall, letting others see what we have created can be a difficult step; but once done can be liberating, exciting, and even freeing. This is exactly what the congregation at the Waitsfield United Church of Christ Village Meeting House is presenting at this year’s exhibit,” said spokesperson Karen Nevin.

Forty-seven works of art created by 19 people are on display. Artwork includes photography, painting in a variety of mediums, drawing, woven sculpture, handcrafted wooden trucks, quilts, rug hooking and needlework. Each piece tells a story of the individual who created it; these individuals may not call themselves “artist” but can be considered such by virtue of the work they have made. The definition of art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” The members of the congregation who painted, photographed, hooked, stitched, drew or crafted, created pieces of beauty for themselves and now to share.



Each piece holds a story. Intricate mandalas drawn as a form of meditation. The crewelwork pieces made as an alternative to the clacking of knitting needles. The rug made to remember a beloved pet. A stunning beaded dress, handmade for a special occasion. This show is one to enjoy and serves as a reminder that anyone can be an artist.

The Waitsfield United Church of Christ Village Meeting House has been exhibiting artwork during the Vermont Festival of the Arts for seven years. “We are incredibly excited to bring this show of our work to the Vermont Festival of Arts,” said Amy Jamieson, church moderator. “Each year the arts committee thoughtfully puts together a show that we believe will captivate and resonate with the community.”

“The Art Among Us” will run Saturdays and Sundays, August 3 through 18, from noon to 4 pm. The Waitsfield United Church of Christ Village Meeting House is located at 4355 Main Street, Route 100, Waitsfield. For more information, call 802-496-3065.

‘The Art Among Us’ at  WUCC Meeting House