The Moth comes to Phantom Theater

Spiders, snakes, a leap into the void, meeting the mother-in-law? Find out what friends and neighbors are afraid of and what they did about it when Phantom Theater presents The Moth. The theme is “Facing One’s Fear.” Phantom’s final offering of the summer, this storytelling event takes place on Sunday, September 1, at 7 p.m. at the Edgcomb Barn in Warren.

Hosted by Bobby Stoddard who toured nationally with The Moth, this show is a perennial favorite that just keeps getting better season after season. The audience is encouraged to tell a story as well as listen. Those who have a true experience that they’d like to share, take time to craft a beginning, middle and ending. Then practice – in front of the dog, spouse, the mirror. Stories should run no longer than five minutes and are done without notes. Ten lucky names will be drawn from the hat at the beginning of the event to determine the order of performance.

Admission is by donation. Visit