Hats off to the Warren Select Board for approving a plan to create a dog park at Brooks Recreation Field and kudos to the members of the dog park committee for their efforts to make this a reality.

The idea of a dog park has been under discussion locally for over five years and we’re excited that it has finally gotten traction and looks to become a reality next spring.


Full disclosure, three dogs work full time at The Valley Reporter and seven others are part-timers so we are not 100% objective about a place where dogs can romp off leash and make new friends.

Let’s not forget that the second most requested thing on the Mad River Valley well-being survey was a dog park. Clearly there’s a demand.

The members of the committee have a well thought out plan in place and have received a Better Places grant that will match funds raised by crowd sourcing. The cost of constructing Phase 1 of the project is $30,000. That phase includes fencing, shade, gates, a play area, signage and a dog waste system.

Phase 2 includes more parking, potable water, lawn furniture and a shed for storing it. The third phase includes a water feature and an agility feature. The park will be built on about an acre of land located beyond the Warren Skate Park and away from the town’s solar array.

The committee is proposing the creation of a dog waste composting system like the one used at the Waterbury dog park. It relies on pooper scoopers throughout the park with centralized locations for putting the waste in the compost.

Not everyone with a dog lives in a neighborhood with access to woods and other areas where they can romp. People in apartments don’t necessarily have yards where a dog can romp. Not everyone lives on a dirt road suitable for taking a four-legged friend for walk. All dogs deserve a place to play off-leash. A dog park will provide better access for dogs to play for all of us.

We look forward to supporting this dog park once the crowdfunding options are available. Please join us.