As stick season yields (slowly this year) to winter, the short December days may not offer many hours of daylight, but they often make up for it with some spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Such has been the case recently. While walking the dogs as soon as it was light on Monday, there was a moment when the sunlight and the clouds were layered in such a dramatic fashion against the blue that this writer stopped dead in her tracks to gasp and regret not bringing a cellphone.

I was not alone in noticing the sky. Our readers also shared pictures of that morning including many people lucky enough to be on the mountain skiing. (See the pictures on Page 1 from John Williams and Howard Levin). The layers of low-hanging clouds, the blue of the sky, bright sun and some sundogs made for a very stellar morning.

Readers have also shared stunning pictures of sunsets recently. As the earth tilts away from the sun, the angles of the sunsets, the colors and where they linger in the sky change. The result is deep, long, multi-hued sunsets that almost make up for the short dark days.

Thanks to all who shared their photos.


Keep It Local

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us and we are fortunate to have so many great local shops, so many great local products and so many great local comestibles to chose from. This year, let’s support our local merchants and our makers by shopping locally as much as possible.

When we support local businesses, we’re supporting our own economy as well as our friends and neighbors. This year, let’s look locally first before perusing the internet. Let’s check out local businesses before visiting or other internet giants. 

Keeping it local reduces your carbon footprint by avoiding having items shipped across the country and reduces the amount of cardboard that has to be recycled.

And keeping it local means sharing what’s unique about our own Mad River Valley with friends and family.