We have much to be thankful for as people gather with friends and family for Thanksgiving this year.

First and foremost, the incredible work done by the volunteers and the Mad River Valley Interfaith Council to provide Thanksgiving meals and groceries to dozens of families in our community is always impressive. Thanks to organizers, those who donated food and funds, those who packed and those who delivered the baskets. It’s a herculean effort made possible by a large network of volunteers and donors and we appreciate and share your passion for making it happen.





There’s also much to be thankful for in the outside world towards the end of November. There’s now snow that reflects the sun that’s so low in the sky that it’s blinding to walk uphill in the morning. The beech leaves riding out winter on their trees create a backdrop rustle that harmonizes with the crunch of the fallen, frozen leaves underfoot while in the woods. The winter solstice creeps closer every day and while it’s never good to wish time away, take comfort in the fact that the return of the light is coming.

And dog owners -rejoice! It is almost the season when the only thing dogs track in is snow which so much easier to manage than mud, dirt, dust and worst of all, grass clippings after a mowing!

And speaking of dogs, how thankful we are that we now have a dog park for our four-legged friends to play and make friends.




We are thankful for the hunters who help control the deer and wildlife populations in our woods by respectfully harvesting the organic local food that they will feed their families and others during the coming months.  

As hunters have registered their harvest at the Village Grocery this season, some have received push back about killing animals. That’s not fair and fails to take into consideration the fact that good wildlife management requires keeping herd sizes in check and the animals harvested feed people.

Thanks always to our volunteer firefighters and EMS folks who put our health and safety ahead of their own family meals and holiday plans 365 days a year.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Valley Reporter.