To The Editor:

The HUUSD Board is in the process of considering whether to renew the superintendent's contract. Brigid Nease has been a divisive figure and a consistent proponent of austerity, moving fifth- and sixth-graders and closing schools since the publication of her white paper in December 2017. The school changes in the recent defeated budget are the cause of the first rejected budget I can remember. It’s time we had a more progressive superintendent who is interested in increasing the student population with innovative programs which will reduce the per student costs and save us tax dollars. Please contact the HUUSD Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let them know we need new leadership with fresh ideas at the top and don't renew the contract for Brigid Nease.

The current budget we are voting on is basically a level-funded budget from last year with inflation increases. There are no changes to school configuration. I fully support this budget and will vote yes and hope people will vote to approve it. You can vote by mail, which is safest, or in person on June 16.

Brian Fleisher

Waitsfield, Vermont