To The Editor:

We don’t hear enough about the treasure that is Lost Nation and it’s taking a hit from COVID. So, I want share our experience with a recent production of “Les Filles du Quoi?” Whose daughters? Daughters of what?” The play at Lost Nation Theater in Montpelier, a one-woman show by Vermont performer Abby Paige, is sometimes a tale of a witch, a young mother with a new baby, Jack Kerouac, a famous French-Canadian wanderer and writer often far from sober, and herself (Paige) a woman with a French-Canadian background and a good sense of humor. Paige slips easily from a French-Canadian with all the French mannerisms to the American woman she is herself. Paige's transformations are smooth, convincing and complete.

I highly recommend it. “Les Filles du Quoi?” runs weekends from now through June 26. Tickets are available at It is an evening well spent.

Pam Lerner