To The Editor:

My husband and I have attended this parade since 1989 and, up until this year, have totally enjoyed it. We always set up our chairs on the northeast corner of the bridge, next to the Pitcher Inn. We arrived at 8 a.m. and met with security who told us our chairs could not be on the road, but on grass, due to floats passing by. No problem, we did as told. Everything was fine until the cannon was fired and the parade started. People kept coming to the bridge wanting to cross but were told they could not until the end of the parade. So, they just stood in front of us, on the road, which we were not allowed to sit on, blocking our view, and in some cases, refusing to move. There were at least six security guards on the bridge, and when people near us complained that security should have moved back further in the crowd to move them back from the bridge, which at this point, had become a bottleneck, matters only got worse when security refused to do that. I had hoped to video the parade, but all I got was people standing in front of my camera. At one point, a woman who was turned away from crossing the bridge, actually sat on my feet rather than move back. This may be the last time we attend the parade.

P.S. A lot of people were very rude, not like people we’re used to seeing in VT. This is sad.

Sue Jaeger
Warren and New Jersey