To The Editor:

I've had my say on the upcoming HUUSD budget vote and want to address something different. I and others have stated our positions. Still others have offered opposing views. Both sides have strong and compelling arguments. Both sides speak with good hearts and firm convictions.  The debate, always spirited, sometimes vehement, has remained civil and respectful.  I like to think that we who differ could share a beer, speak, and listen, and still go away friends and neighbors. And that embodies everything I love and cherish about Vermont and Vermonters.  We may disagree with what is said, but will defend to the very end our right to say it. But it is also true that the most important statement we can make is our vote.





A lot of good people, my dad among them, have fought, bled, and died to keep that right for us. Thus, I was saddened immeasurably to see that fewer than one-third of registered school district voters – 3,302 of 11,356 -- cast ballots on April 30. So, my last word is a request to honor our greatest privilege: learn the facts, think carefully, and then vote yay or nay. But vote. Above everything, that is the greater good.  

James Tabor