AOT working to fix bump in the road on Route 100

After the 2019 Halloween rainstorm, a crew from the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) detected a significant depression on Vermont Route 100 in Duxbury. According to Amy Tatko, public outreach manager of VTrans, the depression “has been progressively getting worse.” In fact, it’s so bad that traffic comes to a near stop as drivers who know about it slow down to cross it safely. The depression is located just before Crossett Hill Road, on the right side of Route 100 as one travels north to Waterbury from The Valley.

On December 3, a site visit noted separation in the outlet, along with water flowing around the culvert. When the depression worsened, AOT placed "Bump" signs on the roadway to alert motorists. “Our crews found no voids (holes under the pavement surface), but loose layers were noted,” said Tatko.

“Last week, we sent the culvert crawler down the pipe and found significant separation of the culvert under both lanes along with multiple areas of the pipe deteriorating where water is exiting the pipe and continues to flow around/below,” she explained.


According to Tatko, the highway maintenance district is concerned about the need to replace the culvert and is communicating with the VTran’s Asset Management Bureau to determine how and when to proceed. The district has heard from members of the public who are concerned about the size of the bump and district staff are assessing whether additional signage may be needed in the area.

The culvert is 119 feet long and 48 inches by 48 inches around, according to the Small Culvert Inventory. AOT does not know how long it will take to replace the culvert just yet.

“It depends on the type of replacement structure,” said Tatko.