A Happy & Healthy Valley: Building the Future We Want is a free, two-part workshop that Friends of the Mad River is sponsoring on two upcoming Sunday afternoons.

The workshop, which is facilitated by Regenesis Group, is sponsored by Friends of the Mad River and takes place from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, November 22, and December 6.

According to the local watershed stewardship group, the Mad River Valley community faces challenges and an uncertain future.


“We have an opportunity to try a new way to imagine and create our community’s sustainable future so that it is more sustainable, resilient and just,” said Friends of the Mad River executive director Corrie Miller.

Friends of the Mad River (FMR) has worked for 30 years to support healthy land, clean water and a vibrant community. FMR founder and board president Kinny Perot said FMR is excited to focus on the whole community and bring Bill Reed and Joel Glanzberg of Regenesis Group to facilitate an interactive two-part workshop that explores the role regenerative thinking can play in envisioning and building the future of the Mad River Valley. 

Regenesis Group has worked for over two decades to bring together leaders in the worlds of business planning and organizational development and the fields of permaculture and ecological design.


“The result is an approach to community planning that works to develop a common language, shared understanding and mutual commitment to who we are in this place and what we can become together. The philosophy is grounded in the idea that human activity can be a source of health and regeneration, rather than destruction and degradation,” Perot added.

Participants are advised to bring their curiosity, experience and commitment to build a thriving community here at home.

“Share the stories that speak to you about this place and help shape a future for all to enjoy and love. This will be a conversation that explores the vital roles we have as a part of an ecologically healthy and thriving Mad River Valley community. Your voice is important. Let’s work together and try a new approach to land use, community development and the built environment that recognizes our place in the systems we depend on,” Corrie Miller said.

The workshop will take place over two Zoom meetings.  Visit friendsofthemadriver.org to learn more and sign up for the free two-part Zoom workshop.