Just over a year ago, Vee Lynch was forced to close Vee’s Flower Shop in Waitsfield due to the pandemic. Now, one year later, the shop is open and business is booming.

“It’s been great,” said Lynch. “I’ve been busier this winter than last winter,” she said when asked what it was like to run her shop during the pandemic. While the pandemic may have pushed people to skip out on many routine products and services, like haircuts, the desire for cut flowers never faded with COVID.

In fact, when the pandemic hit, Vee’s flower shop took off. “Last May was the busiest it’s ever been,” said Lynch. “It was absolutely crazy. It carried out all summer long.”



Lynch attributes this success to the fact that people want to see beautiful flowers around them while quarantining at home. Moreover, the shop offers flower delivery, a service that is clean and convenient for COVID-conscious customers. “People want cut flowers,” said Lynch.

Other plants are flying off the shelves too. “House plants are selling,” said Lynch.

“This past year was a lot busier than I ever thought it would be,” she added. “Cut flowers is my main business. It’s hard to know what flowers to get every week because it’s been so busy. It’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it because it makes people happy,” said Lynch.


Flowers in Vee’s Flower Shop come from all over the world, but Lynch buys them from a wholesaler in Middlesex. She said she can order whatever flower a customer may want, as long as they call in ahead of time. Today, the shop is chock full of roses, daisies and irises.

Lynch expects the warmer weather to bring in a new influx of customers as well. “Once the snow goes away, people will want to get gardens going,” said Lynch. In addition to cut flowers, the shop sells potting soil, fertilizers, various vegetable and herb seeds, along with all the garden accessories one could ever dream of: hanging baskets, pots, metal roosters and more.

An avid gardener, Lynch said she can help people plan their vegetable gardens. Any customer can consult with her about how to start a garden when they come in the store, no matter how much or how little experience they have. “I have 25 years of experience,” said Lynch.


Those who work in the shop include Lynch and two part-time employees. The shop is still following Governor Phil Scott’s masking and sanitization guidelines to protect workers and customers. “We really try and make people happy in here,” said Lynch.

The effort seems to be paying off. “It’s steadily getting busier and busier,” said Lynch.