Duxbury voters voted by Australian ballot on Town Meeting Day, March 1. Of 1,169 registered voters, 348 cast their ballots or 29.7%. Voters passed the town’s budget of $1,145,499 by 265-65. Voters appropriated $30,000 to fund the payment escrow, 266-67, and $111,000 to fund the capital reserve, 250-72. They also approved spending no more than $145,000 from the capital reserve fund to purchase a tandem truck, 231-96. The decision to pursue a solar power installation in the former gravel pit location passed 224-113. The select board will issue an RFP to determine the provider it will use for this project.


Duxbury elected Cindy Senning to serve a three-year term on the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) Board. Senning has served on the school board since July, having filled the seat vacated by Brian Dalla Mura. There is another open seat on the board for Duxbury which was not filled.

Mari Pratt was reelected for a one-year term to the select board. Jamison Ervin was also elected for a one-year term, and Richard Charland was elected to a three-year term. Charland previously served on the select board and resigned in October 2020. Mike Marotto was reelected for the remaining year of a three-year term on the select board.

Daniel Senning was elected as town moderator, Maureen Harvey was elected as town clerk, treasurer, delinquent tax collector and second constable for a one-year term. Nathan Isham was elected as lister for a three-year term and first constable for a one-year term. Ann Harvey was elected to the budget committee for five years. There were two open cemetery commission positions, one for the remaining two years of a three-year term and one for three years. Neither position was filled.

Duxbury voters voted down the HUUSD budget of $42,655,858 by 180-165. They were the only town in the district to do so. They did approve allocating last year’s balance of $1,524,424 to the district’s maintenance reserve fund, 221-120.