Five hundred fifty-three of 1,457 registered voters in Moretown (37.9%) cast their Australian ballots on Tuesday, March 1. Moretown voters passed the town’s budget of $1,366,307 by 442-74. The purchase of a new tractor for mowing and plowing in the amount of no more than $30,000 passed 435-87. Voters approved spending $20,000 for law enforcement by 336-180. Voters approved allocating $10,000 for the maintenance reserve fund, 437-77. They approved spending $22,000 on self-contained breathing apparatuses for the Moretown Fire Department, 461-64. Voters also approved setting aside $10,000 for repair and upkeep of bridges and culverts, 496-33.


Voters approved all charitable contributions on the ballot, including funding for Capstone Community Action, the Central Vermont Council on Aging, Washington County Boys and Girls Club, Good Beginnings of Central Vermont, Green Up Vermont and others.

In the narrowest vote on the ballot, Moretown voters authorized cannabis retailers and integrated licensees in town by 326-207.

Tom Martin and Don Wexler were reelected to the select board for one-year terms while John Hoogenboom was reelected for a three-year term. Steven Magill was elected as moderator for one year, Cherilyn Brown was elected as trustee of public money for one year, Tom Chenette was elected first constable for one year while Clarence Wood was elected as second constable for one year. Mark Austin was elected as cemetery commissioner for a three-year term. Craig Eilers was elected as delinquent tax collector for one year. Allison Dellner was elected as a library trustee for three years while Anne Csells was elected as a library trustee for one year and Deborah Feldman was elected for the remaining year as a library trustee.

Moretown voters approved the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD)’s budget of $42,655,838 by 144-99 and approved moving the balance of $1,524,424 to the maintenance reserve fund by 437-77.