Earlier this week, Harwood Union Middle and High School administrators emailed families in the Harwood community, asking them to take a 15-minute “comprehensive school climate inventory survey.” The survey is being conducted by the National School Climate Center, which will conduct a data analysis of the results and provide a report to the school administration, which will then be distributed to the community.



The email from Harwood Union Middle and High School principals Laurie Greenberg, Meg McDonough and Duane Pierson said, “As we continue to foster a school community where all feel safe, seen, respected and understood, we seek your feedback by asking all Harwood families to complete the comprehensive school climate inventory (CSCI) survey. Different versions of this survey will be given to students and staff, which will allow us to hear from every single member of our school community … We really value your feedback and will use it to help guide our continuing work on climate in our school … These findings will be analyzed by the school’s leadership team, as well as the full staff and will be used to inform future school planning initiatives. We plan to share the results with the community when the report is received. We will provide more information about this in the near future and hope you will join us in this effort to make our school an even better place to learn.” 


The survey asks family members of Harwood students to rate dozens of statements regarding the school community, such as “Adults in this school are good examples of the values the school teaches (like respect, responsibility and fairness),” “My child has been insulted, teased, harassed or otherwise verbally abused more than once at this school,” and “Adults in my child’s school are fair about making sure that all students follow the rules against physical and verbal harassment.” This survey comes after a school year with reports of student behavioral issues, violence and vaping at Harwood.

The survey must be completed by April 1, 2022. Here is the link: https://resonant.resonanteducation.com/take_survey/show/1031/1NC3Y0