Sable/Baba lives with Rachel Schneider and Bryce Adams in Waitsfield. Here's a report from her humans about her acrobatics.




While her husband was working in a second-floor room last fall, he removed the window screen and opened the window to pitch stuff right out. At one point, there was a dog running on their property, and they caught him and called his owners.  He shut the door before leaving the room.

 "The dog’s owner came to fetch their dog and dog Sable (Baba), pictured here with me, was inside the house while we were all outside. She really wanted to be outside playing with the neighbor’s dog and was going from window to window to door and back again, whining and looking out at us as we handed the visiting dog over to their owner and stood talking. 

About 2 minutes later, I saw out of my peripheral vision that Baba was airborne and lateral to the ground about 8 feet up. This crazy dog went upstairs, opened the bedroom door, looked out the window and said “Yep, I got this . . .” And launched herself out the window. 

She jumped from that window, willingly, landed on the ground with a wince and started running around with the other dog like nothing happened. Honestly, it scared all of us outside so much. Since that day, we have ‘dog-proofed’ the upstairs windows!"