Workers make progress on installation of the Harwood gym floor.

In September, a rogue ball broke the sprinkler in the Harwood Union Middle/High School gym, flooding the gym and causing significant damage to the floor. In October, Harwood Unified Union School District superintendent Dr. Mike Leichliter said regarding the repairs to the gym floor, “There are multiple steps including asbestos testing of the existing gym floor and underlayment material, removal of the old gym floor, testing of the concrete subfloor for moisture, installation of the new floor, and installation of the new bleachers which were ordered prior to the floor being damaged.” The cost of repairs is fully covered by insurance.

Basketball teams have been practicing at nearby schools and playing away games for the first part of the season.

In an email on Saturday, January 7, director of maintenance and operations Ray Daigle said that the floor had reached the appropriate moisture level and was being installed. On January 11, Daigle wrote, “Danaher Floor Restoration is expected to have the floor installed by the end of this week. The bleacher company notified us of a delay for the installation of the bleachers. They will be delivered on January 23rd and they are planning on two weeks for the installation. Then Danaher will come back in and apply urethane, paint the lines, and apply finish. That will take approximately 3 weeks. At this time the completion date is February 24, 2023.”