As Warren continues its review of draft land use and development regulations, the town select board and planning commission will both meet twice next week with a quorum of both bodies present.



On Monday, March 13, 2023, the planning commission will meet Monday with the select board as the select board continues its hearing on the proposed regulations.

This meeting is specifically to consider proposed changes to the telecommunications changes that have been proposed by attorney Brooke Dingledine on behalf of Warren residents concerned that the new proposed regulations fail to provide sufficient protections in terms of where cell towers can be constructed.

After that discussion, planning commissioners will conduct other regular commission business.

The following night, Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the two bodies will meet again. This time the focus of the joint meeting is feedback from Sugarbush about the new draft regulations. Some of that specific Sugarbush feedback has to do with zoning fees (Warren’s fees are significantly higher than Fayston and Waitsfield’s) as well as the lack of recognition in the new regulations for pre-existing and pre-approved master plans and development projects. Other issues relate to employee housing and how pre-existing non-conforming uses and lots are considered. Sugarbush is currently in permitting for two workforce housing projects and applied under the existing regulations.