Annie Decker-Dell’Isola

Annie Decker-Dell’Isola is resigning as Waitsfield town administrator on March 29. She joined the town as zoning administrator in January 2020 and moved into the town administrator job in April 2021.





Decker-Dell’Isola has been one of the key partners of the town’s wastewater planning committee and she will continue to shepherd that project as a contractor after her resignation.

Her background includes a BS and MS in environmental science, and she holds the AICP planning certification.

“Personally, and professionally, it is time for me to move on. I’m excited to see what opportunities there might be in that field, environment and planning,” she said.

In terms of her ongoing work with the town on wastewater, after March 29, she said that final details are still being sorted out. Last year the Mad River Valley Planning District signed a memorandum of understanding with Waitsfield outlining how planning district executive director Josh Schwartz would lead the wastewater planning team with Decker-Dell’Isola and planning and zoning administrator JB Weir. That MOU ends next month and project support will still be needed.

“The town would like to transition to bringing that work in-house. Planning district support has been essential in getting us this far and now it’s time for Waitsfield to take the lead and manage this project as the town,” Decker-Dell’Isola explained.

She said that when she submitted her letter of resignation, the board ask if she’d be interested in continuing to work on wastewater at least until a bond vote takes place on June 11.