2024 Fayston Town Meeting. Photo: Annemarie Furey

Ron Graves was voted onto the Fayston Select Board at Town Meeting this week. He replaces former longtime chair Jared Cadwell on the three-member board. During the March 5 meeting voters also discussed whether to expand the town select board from three to five members. It was standing-room-only in the gymnasium of Fayston Elementary School during much of the meeting as voters also showed up to cast Australian ballots for school budgets. 


Moderator Rick Rayfield recognized those who organized and brought breakfast and lunch and thanked them. Members of the Waitsfield-Fayston Volunteer Fire Department thanked Cadwell for his service. 

Former select board member Ed Read offered a tribute to Cadwell for his 30 years of service, excellent communication skills, listening skills, civil service, and tales of the select board. The town will plant a ginko tree in his honor. 

Fayston voted to authorize a sum of money ($1,836,523.09) to pay debts and expenses of the town of Fayston for the year ending December 31,2024.

School board members Danielle Dukette and Mike Bishop briefed Fayston on school board issues and budgets. They encouraged everyone to visit the supervisory union website to research information in addition to the school website. Bishop was reelected to the school board.  

Patricia Lorraine, whose children graduated from the Harwood Union School District, said she was frustrated with the increasing school budget, but acknowledged the need for good education resources. 




Rep. Dara Torre of Moretown, stopped in to answer questions from constituents. One such local, Jane Regan, a high school social studies teacher, asked Torre whether federal spending can be accessed for Vermont schools.  

“I would be willing to be part of whatever kind of meetings or studies we want --  to have some more money come from the federal level to educate the next generation of Americans,” she said.  

Torre agreed investment in public infrastructure is important for the future, and suggested reaching out to Vermont’s federal delegation. 

Paul Sipple, a resident and former school board member, thinks the town should control the money, rather than federal delegates. 

“The farther the money goes away from the students, the less it actually gets to the student,” Sipple said.  

Town voters enjoyed a potluck lunch after the meeting.  

Citizen journalist Annemarie Furey tweeted Fayston Town Meeting and contributed to the reporting as did Robert Gamache and Emily Rodin, reporters from the UVM Community News Service.