On Town Meeting Day, March 5, Duxbury voters held an all Australian ballot event featuring drive-thru voting for the third year in a row. The town began drive-thru voting during COVID.


Duxbury votes approved a budget of $1,167,946 to cover the expenses of the town. Voters also appropriated $115,000 to the town’s capital reserve and transferred $84,000 from surplus to fund a storm escrow. Voters then voted to transfer $30,000 from surplus funds to a pavement escrow. 


Crystal Sherman and Jerry McMahan won one-year seats on the select board. Patrick Zachary won a three-year seat on the select board. Maureen Harvey was reelected to a three-year term as delinquent tax collector and Eric Potter was reelected first constable while James Welch was reelected second constable.