Amurtel continues work in Haiti.

Amurtel’s work in Haiti continues during the current political unrest in that island nation. Amurtel president Joni Zweig, Warren, has an update.





“The news continues to be grim. The embargo of the country’s ports, airports and major roads by armed gangs means there is no gasoline or access to schools, banks, doctors or shops. The cost of food has skyrocketed, and is hard to find,” Zweig said.

Zweig said that the threat of violence is constant and that there is no safe way to travel in Port au Prince

“There is little access to food, water, or medical care within the city. Across the area people are facing extreme hunger and trauma. We have had to temporarily close the school, and our micro credit and self-help groups cannot safely meet. The terrible isolation within this state of siege has its own dire impact, especially on the women and children,” she said.

Last June the staff and children at Amurtel’s children’s home left Port au Prince for Cap Haitien which is removed from the gang and other violence but still facing life without infrastructure including water, electricity, and housing.




A well has now been dug at the home and water is available with a handpump. A handful of composting toilets were recently completed, and a small set of solar panels offers basic light for night time, and a way to charge phones and tablets. Teachers come to the land each weekday and provide classes in the usual subjects along with regular music lessons and karate and the older kids play in a nearby orchestra.

“In the Banan and Anse au Pitre area our schools continue to function, but here as well there is hunger as food is not easily available. The women in our self help and micro credit groups are meeting when possible, although with no gas, it is difficult to gather,” Zweig explained.

“It is hard to see a way forward through the escalating violence, yet time and time again we have learned from our Haitien neighbors the power of never giving up, and always seeking a way forward.  Amurtel continues to offer support as much as possible, and to work towards solutions that provide for the amazing people in our programs,” she added.