Reseeding the Spaulding Greenway in Waitsfield, Vermont

The Spaulding Greenway, part of the Mad River Path, in Waitsfield, is closed for this summer and fall due to inadvertently being plowed over during corn planting this spring.





Part of the Mad River Path, the Spaulding Greenway is set between the farm fields and the riparian restoration buffer on a newly conserved 70-acre meadowland along the Mad River off Trembley Road. It provides accessible walking, riding, cross-country skiing, nature, and river access opportunities, as well as direct access to recreation to the residents of Verd Mont neighborhood.

This trail is protected by a conservation easement held by the Vermont Land Trust. In addition to sustaining the flood damage last year, part of the Greenway got accidentally plowed over during corn planting. This happened, because the 50-foot riparian buffer, marked by the VLT was mistaken for a trail easement boundary, explained Mad River Path executive director Misha Golfman.

At the end of May, Mad River Path staff and volunteers, in cooperation with the Vermont Land Trust regraded and seeded the Spaulding Greenway in Waitsfield.

“In discussing the issue with the Land Trust and the DeFreest Farm, we decided to take the opportunity to make a better trail. First, we consulted with James Patterson from L&D Trailworks who recommended using a Harley Rake as an implement of choice for creating well-graded paths,” Golfman explained.




“Early this month we re-graded the entire trail and planted the grass seed. It took six volunteers and 11, 50-pond bags of conservation mix. Fortunately, this week we are getting much-needed rain for the grass to grow! In addition, the DeFreests laid out a new section of the path through the woods, in an area, where the riparian buffer allowed for the re-route,” Golfman added.

Because the work happened at the tail end of the grass planting season, Golfman said he expects it will take most of the summer and into the fall to establish a strong grass base on Spaulding Greenway.

“Our mowing partner Eamon Welter will begin mowing the path regularly, as soon as the grass is established. The result will be a much better, well-graded trail for everyone. Please help us to protect the Spaulding Greenway by staying off the path until further notice,” Golfman said.

He thanked Charlie Hosford, Peter Laskowski, David Hodgson, Sam Gabriels, Rocky Blair, and Woody Dugan for their help re-seeding and thanked the community for its patience while the grass grows.