This past December, Sugarbush Resort announced plans to construct Rice Brook Residences, the latest phase of development in the resort’s Lincoln Peak Village. The new residences would serve as a physical connector between the new Lincoln Peak Village and the older Sugarbush Village, and they would consist of six condominiums and nine townhouses spread between three buildings.

While Sugarbush has already secured reservations from six parties interesting in living in Rice Brook Residences, they have yet to secure the Act 250 land development permit necessary to construct them. The ski resort expected to have the permit application for the project approved this past June, but now, two months later, it has not heard anything regarding its status.

In the meantime, Sugarbush has been talking to contractors and putting out bids for the condos’ construction, but it must wait to have the Act 250 permit approved “before we can actually put a shovel in the ground,” vice president of marketing Candice White said.