These poems are written by fifth- and sixth-grade students from Moretown Elementary and are inspired by students’ read aloud book, "Missing Mike" by Shari Green, a middle grade novel written in verse/poetry. The main character, Cara and her family, have recently evacuated their house due to forest fires. Cara is struggling not only because she is worried about losing her home, but also because her dog went missing right before they evacuated, and she had to leave without him. Cara spends a lot of the book thinking about what home means to her and to others and comes to the conclusion that although it can mean the house you live in, it often means so much more. Moretown tudents started their poems with the phrase "home is" and came up with their own ideas of what home means to them. They also focused on using descriptive language and learned about the structure of poetry, using other poems and picture books about home for more ideas. 

Home Somewhere


is somewhere where 

I feel safe

Somewhere warm

Somewhere relaxing

Home is somewhere where

my family is

Somewhere fun

Somewhere imperfect

Home is somewhere where

I come back too again and again

Somewhere to make memories 

Somewhere that I can be happy

Home is somewhere where

There is chalk in the air

Somewhere that I trust

Somewhere that I am familiar with

Home is somewhere I can call Home

- Lily



Home is Great!

Home is warm. The sunshine in the air outside hits my skin with 

the warmth of the summer.

Home is where I feel safe. 

Like nobody can hurt me.

Home is where my dogs are playing and resting,

napping and eating.

Home is where my mom is working, 

and bringing the dogs out to play ball.

We walk down to the end of the



bring them to the brook in the 


Home is where my mom and I practice softball.

We do softball in the summer and 

jujitsu all year round.

Home is where I bring the dogs out to play,

to get some fresh air, 

to be free.

Home is where my dogs jump on me when I get home, 

jumping and wagging their tail, 

so happy to see me.

Home is life.

- Jane



Home is

the gym, my house.

Home is with family,

with friends, with pets.

Home is comfortable, 


weird, fun.

Home is where you can let all your feelings out,

where important things and people are.

Home is my room.

Home is love.

Home is where you stand.

Home is what you want it to be.

Home is 


- Alayna



Home is curling up 

by the fire with a cup of


a good book 

and my cat sleeping soundly next to me.

Home is the smell of cookies

baking in the

Oven and my mom turning on


Home is feeding the animals 

walking the dogs

and spending time with 

my family.

to see my aunt

And spending time with her in my 

second home.

Home is making dinner for my dad

and putting meatloaf in 

the oven and

soup on the stove.

Home is coming back from school 

taking a bath and

Sitting down with

a glass of ice tea

and a Garfield book.

Home is traveling to Maryland 

Home is taking a walk in the woods 

in the fall brisk air

And listening to music

while I walk.

Home is moretown

where I go to school

and work

on projects to learn.

Home is safe

warm, and

comforting with a

song in my heart.

- Trinity


Howes Farm

Home is my farm 

where my cows are 

and where my family is.

Home is where it's warm

and heated by the woodstove.

Home is 235 acres of trees and fields.

Home is where I grew up.

Home is where the deer walk in.

Home is an old dirt road.

Home is a barn built in 1903.

Home is where

 my dad and I drink our coffee

on early mornings.

Home is where my grandparents live 

and where my cousins can stay.

Home is where my friends are

Home is where my friends are

- Max 


Being 20 Feet Up

Home is being 20 feet up in a tree

Home is being 20 feet high swaying in the wind 

Home is watching a deer walk in

out of the corner of your eye

Home is loving walking out of your house in the morning to go hunting and seeing 

your breath

Home is on an old 

dirt road

Home is where my friends can come over and do wheelies on my four-wheeler 

Home is where I can go for walks with my shotgun and shoot some squirrels and partridge

Home is just walking out of my home and being able to just throw cans up in the air 

and shoot

Home is getting home from school and seeing a huge buck on the old dirt road

Home is getting home late at night and seeing that huge buck on your lawn

Home is stapling a target onto your tree

and setting up your shooting table and shooting

Home is where my family is

Home is where my friends are

- Mason


Being Athletic

Home is

winning a hockey game 

and feeling amazed that I won

Home is

getting aggressive

in soccer

Home is

playing games

with my friends

Home is

hanging out

with my family

Home is

playing with my dog


talking to


Home is

riding dirt bikes

- Chase

H o c k e y

Home is hockey

Home is a good save

Home is my hockey gear

Home is the fireplace and the TV

Home is lacrosse

Home is my dogs

Home is my newts

Home is my hockey team

Home is school

Home is my home

Home is math

Home is my dad

Home is my mom

Home is my brother

- Aiden