By Beniamino Nardin, Harwood correspondent

On Tuesday, November 2, Waitsfield, Warren, Waterbury, Duxbury and Fayston voted “no” on the Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) bond vote, by a 3 to 1 margin. The proposed bond would have altered the Harwood school building by addressing renovations and improvements. Harwood students, both those who wouldn’t be affected by the bond’s passing and those who would have been, weighed in on how they reacted to the bond’s failing.



“I was kind of taken aback by the amount of people who voted against it,” said one student. “But, at the same time, I felt like it was kind of realistic, and I think if I were an adult, or someone who was paying taxes, I probably would’ve voted the same way.”

“I was also surprised by how big the split was,” added another student. “I was surprised that people didn’t really seem to value our learning environment as much as I thought. I hope that things will change.”

“I’m honestly disappointed that it didn’t go through,” said another student. “I’m disappointed that we can’t get the money to better the school and the community.”


“I think it’s very sad,” said a student. “It’s a reflection of the values of the community. And I think, to me, it shows that people aren’t willing to invest in education and don’t care as much about students and their well-being as they should, and I think that people need to realize that education is an investment. It isn’t cheap, and if you want to have good schools, you have to put in the money.”

“I can understand how there may have been a lot of things pushed into the bond vote and how that is slightly overwhelming for a community to see,” said a student. “But it’s evident that being in the school that we need things to be done to the school and change needs to happen, and it’s going to have to start somewhere.”