glowing gold Harwood Highlander

Harwood Union High School students recently competed in the Vermont High School Prize Examination in Mathematics at the University of Vermont.

“Harwood Union High School had a great turnout this year for the Vermont High School Prize Examination in Mathematics,” said Harwood math teacher Rebecca Allen. “The examination, informally known as the UVM Math Contest, has been held every year since 1958. The competition is open to all secondary students in Vermont. The contest is organized by a committee of UVM mathematics faculty members. The exam is extremely challenging and fun. This year Harwood had 13 participants. Two of the Harwood participants were in the top 10% in the state of Vermont. Congratulations to all of the participants, especially the top 10% qualifiers who wish to leave their names anonymous.” 

"It's humbling. It's still fun to try it out," said Harwood student Jonah Halter. "It makes you realize how much you rely on a calculator," Tim Wilson added. Both students stated that they plan to try it again next year.