“What is one aspect of the Harwood community that has had a positive impact on your learning? What is something at Harwood that you think is currently underfunded?” Those were the questions posed to Harwood Union High School students in a series of short interviews conducted by Harwood Unified Union School District (HUUSD) student representatives. The four student reps — Maisie Franke, Jeswin Antony, Naomi Myers and Dylan Mauro -- presented a video of student responses to the school board at its January 25 meeting.


Responses on what could use additional funding at Harwood included science rooms (windows and better equipment), the roof and building infrastructure, the track, the music department and more funding for clubs and collaborative study spaces. Aspects of the school that had a positive impact on students’ learning included student-led dialogues, the new ELO (extended learning opportunity) schedule, the senior café, the music department and school sports.

The student reps also shared recent events and programs at Harwood, including the winter ball held at the Inn at the Round Barn in Waitsfield, which was hosted by the school’s mentor program, and youth hockey day led by the girls’ varsity hockey team.

The student reps also talked about the benefits of the positions at the school funded by ESSR (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund) during the pandemic. One example Maisie Franke noted was the mentor program that has been supported by one of the new positions in the high school. The student reps said they believe it is crucial to develop a plan to be able to continue funding such positions and programs to build community in the school.