Ayla Fidel, a fifth-grader at Waitsfield Elementary School, has created a website that showcases a different charity or local organization each month, with links for people who want to donate.

"It all started about a year ago when me and my dad where lying in my bed talking about how to make a difference. I have always been one of those kids who wants to help other people who have less than me. I came up with the idea of making a website to help the needy, and KABAM we started. I wanted to create a website where kids like me could go to donate money to organizations in Vermont. Making a website isn't easy or cheap," Ayla explained.

Ayla and her dad, Jamey Fidel, got busy learning how to create a website.

"We had to do many things in order to just buy a domain. We looked around the web and found a great site called Go Daddy that helps you make your own websites. The money added up to almost $100, but it was all worth it," she said.

They contacted the Vermont Foodbank, Vermont Adaptive Sports, Children's Literacy Foundation and COTS. They all loved the idea and gave her permission to include their organization on her website.

"Each month my website features a different one of these organizations in Vermont that kids (or anyone really!) can donate money to. On my website, you can then click on a link that will bring you to that organization's donation page. This past Sunday, my website finally went live! My website is called Green Mountain Giving and I think this name really fits what the website is all about," she added.

Her website is at www.greenmountaingiving.com.