A sharp whistle, scuffle for the ball, a GMVS player recovers the face-off. The ball is checked out by a Harwood player, recovered, passed off to another Harwood player, two steps, and … goal! The bounce shot hit home in the bottom left corner of the net.

Last Friday, Harwood boys’ lacrosse beat their rivals GMVS to end the regular season 14-0. In a mid-evening thriller, the Harwood boys took the lead and never looked back. The score at the end of the first was 3-1, Harwood having scored the first three goals and GMVS looking to make a comeback. In the second period, Harwood came out strong, scoring the next five goals till GMVS was able to answer with one of their own and the score at the half was 8-3.

In the third, GMVS came out strong, but Harwood had two answers for every goal they scored. The final score of the third period was 12-5.

In the fourth period, both defenses were obviously getting tired, but Harwood goalie Scully O’Hara kept Harwood in the game with many impressive saves. Both teams put up an excellent fight, but once the final buzzer rang, the score line read 16-7, and the Highlanders had won the game.

Both Harwood and GMVS played a great game, though the offensive led by Harwood star Connor Woolley proved to be too great for the Gumbys. Head coach Russ Bielke, looking ahead to the playoffs commented, “We have to throw this season away. It’s the playoffs and anything can happen. We have to play like we did this season: one, by one, by one. One minute, one goal, one game at a time.”