Sarah Haviland, photo TJ Greenwood

Mad River Glen held its 2019 Unconventional Terrain Competition last weekend with a strong crowd of competitors.

In the female 15 and up category, Hanna Holcomb took first with 99.25 points, followed by Sarah Haviland with 85 points and Sam Haviland with 79 points.

In the female 14 and under category, Lynsey Nagle took first with 95.50 points, Libby Schiffman took second with 94.75 points and Anna Simonelli took third with 94.00 points.


Parker Herlihy took first in the male 15 and up category with 139.25 points. He was followed by Andy Weis with 128.50 points and Wyland Seibert with 107.75 points. 

In the male 14 and under category, Nate Haviland took first with 113.75 points, followed by Ollie Kottke in second with 111.25 points and Ryan Lacey in third with 110 points.

Parker Herlihy