Twelve campers each received a 20-minute glider lesson and logbook endorsement as part of their weeklong camp.

On July 30, Sugarbush Soaring hosted 12 campers participating in the Vermont Technical College AeroCamp 2019. AeroCamp is a program designed to give young people a unique opportunity to explore the world of aviation and aerospace. Aerocamp is for youth ages 12 to 17 who want to learn about the world of aviation and experience the training that can lead to a career as a professional pilot. Campers learn firsthand about the dynamics of airplanes and flight along with the broad spectrum of careers in the aerospace industry.

On their visit to Sugarbush Soaring, each camper was given the opportunity to fly a glider during a 20-minute lesson. Their logbook endorsements from the day count toward their total time requirements when working to obtain their pilot’s licenses. Many prior campers have gone onto successful aviation careers, and Sugarbush Soaring was proud to give several of these budding aviators their first flight experience.

Sugarbush Soaring hosts AeroCamp