Harwood’s Laili Iskandarova competes on the slalom course at Mad River Glen on February 10.

The Harwood alpine ski team hosted a dual-paneled slalom at Mad River Glen on Monday, February 10. Six teams attended: Harwood, Stowe, South Burlington, U-32, BFA and Essex. For the girls’ race, Harwood’s Gretchen Kogut took first place, followed by Juliette Hoder from Stowe in second, and Orly Bryan from Stowe in third. For the boys’ race, top spots came from South Burlington and Stowe racers, with Camden Chiari (SBH) in first, Rex Jewell (SBHS) in second, and Anthony Marron (Stowe) in third.

The Stowe team placed first overall, Harwood placed second and South Burlington placed third.

The afternoon was followed by a dual shootout. Sixteen racers advanced to the shootout. Among the Harwood racers that made it to the shootout were Gretchen Kogut, Aliza Jernigan, Laili Iskandarova, Kate Haraldson, Rubi Murphy, and from the boys, Adrian Clapp and Lucas Wilcox. From the girls’ shootout race, the winners were Juliette Hoder (Stowe) in first, Danielle Casavant (Independent) in second, and Lucia Lovell (Stowe) in third. Of the boys’ shootout, Rai Bleda-Vilalta (Stowe) took first, Camden Chiari (SBHS) took second, and Ben Alekson (Stowe) took third.

“Harwood would like to send a special thank you to Mad River Glen for putting on a terrific race,” said coach Katie Westhelle on behalf of the team. “Harwood would also like to thank all the local ski shops that provided prizes, Vermont North Ski Shops, Alpine Options, Mountainside, Ski Sharp, Race Stock Sports and Waterbury Sports, as well as Shaw’s and Green Mountain Coffee.”